Today, an organization’s survival ultimately rests on how well (and fast!) it creates value. That’s why decision-makers consistently rate business intelligence as one of their top investment priorities. They depend on information to help them compete in a world where disruption is a constant and speed an obsession. But recognizing the need for BI is one thing. Effectively using it to create value is an entirely different matter.

My book, Hyper: Changing the way you think about, plan, and execute business intelligence for real results, real fast!, is the essential quick-read guide for busy business and IT professionals struggling to make BI work. Packed with pragmatic advice, proven methods, and real-world tools, this book provides straight talk on how to deliver BI is a hyper-responsive, hyper-agile, and hyper-flexible way.

In it you will discover:

  • Ways to overcome the 4 primary challenges associated with BI planning and execution

  • Methods to create, validate, and communicate requirements that accelerate decision-making

  • How to deliver quick wins that drive end-user adoption and long-lasting solutions

Plus, you’ll find practical tips from years of hands-on field work. Hyper will change the way you think about, plan, and execute BI. For real results, real fast!



Hyper is available on Amazon and wherever fine books are sold.  Order your Kindle, paperback, or hardcover copy here!


2016 eLIT Gold Award – Best Business Reference Book

2016 eLIT Gold Award – Best Book Trailer

2016 eLIT Silver Award – Best Book Website

Nominated – 2016 Small Business Book Award in Management

Ranked #1 – Amazon’s Hot New Releases in Information Management (8/15)

Ranked #1 – Amazon Bestseller, Social Science Methodology (6/17)

Ranked #3 – Amazon Bestseller, Library and Information Science (6/17)

Ranked #4 – Amazon Bestseller, Organizational Change (2/17)

Ranked #8 – Amazon Bestseller, Knowledge Capital (6/17)

Ranked #10 – Amazon Bestseller, Information Management (12/16)

Ranked #22 – Amazon Bestseller, Management Information Systems (11/16)


“Hyper gets to the heart of BI success: stay close to the business and deliver value fast, even if you have to break some of the rules. This is a must-read guide for any self-respecting BI professional.”

Wayne Eckerson, Founder and Principal Consultant | Eckerson Group

“Every organization wants to have better information about how it is operating and performing, but the dream of high-quality business intelligence has remained tantalizingly out of reach for most. Hyper provides straightforward, business-oriented insights about how to make that dream a reality. Experience is the best teacher, and Steffine clearly has a lot of it.”

Thomas H. Davenport, Author of Competing on Analytics and Distinguished Professor | Babson College

“Data fuels business, and only those firms able to quickly extract and utilize intelligence from their data assets will win in the 21st century. In Hyper, Steffine condenses decades of experience and lessons learned into a guide of tips and techniques business leaders can use to drive value from information.”

Jay Zaidi, Managing Partner | AlyData

“Hyper leads you down an intelligent path to accelerated decision-making with simple, yet powerful methods that quickly align the business, establish priorities, gather requirements, and deliver results. It covers important concepts and strategies necessary for BI success and provides the kind of relevant and practical insight that only comes from years of experience.”

Sri Hari Naidu Seepana, Analytics Manager | eBay, Inc.

“I finished a major BI requirements elicitation session just before reading Hyper. I thought that the process and rigor behind the book was compelling enough that I’m going to call key players back and redo it, this time using Greg’s methodology. I realized that I made some serious misses without it. Really happy to get some clarity around this area of responsibility.”

Roland Hess, Senior Technical Solutions Consultant | Google, Inc.

“When it comes to business intelligence, business and technical leaders often struggle to keep pace with and adapt to the ever-changing and complex business landscape in which they operate. Hyper helps by presenting a better approach to BI planning and execution—one that effectively addresses fundamental issues and yields impactful outcomes as a result. Well-written and well done.”

Karan Talwar, Advisor, Pharmacy Analytics Center of Excellence | CVS Health

“A clear, insightful, and to-the-point strategy for making BI work. This is a must read for every BI professional.”

Jeremy Jackson, CIO | SimpleBI

“For many people, business intelligence is all about technology. What I appreciate most about Hyper is its focus on business and the practical use of information for solving business problems. Steffine moves his readers methodically through a planning and execution process that ultimately delivers the capability an organization needs for quick, dynamic interpretation of information.”

David Hanna, Senior Informatics Lead | Aetna